Micatrone är medlemmar i Nordens ledande marknadsplats på Internet för VVS-, Kyl-, Energi-, VA- och Inneklimatbranscherna. Portalen har i genomsnitt 100.000 läsare per månad och antalet användare ökar stadigt. startade 1996 och produceras av Ventil AB i samarbete med 23 branschorgan och har ca 16 600 företag i sökmotorn. Samarbetet med branschorganen är en garant för att portalen alltid har den senaste informationen. arrangerar bl.a. Expovent och Expovärme/energi som Micatrone frekvent deltar i.

EMC Network Swerea/RISE

EUs Directive for EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) means that the equipment has a level of immunity to the electromagnetic disturbance. At the EMC laboratory in Stockholm we test our products to ensure that the products comply with the EMC Directive.


FTI – a simple way to resolve your company’s responsibilities as a producer.

According to the law “Ordinance of Producers’ responsibilities for packaging” all companies that produce, import or sell packaged goods are subject to a number of obligations.

The company shall:

  • ensure that a collection system exists, through which customers and other end consumers can return used packaging.
  • ensure that customers receive the information they need about the collection of used packaging.
  • ensure that collected packaging is recovered, recycled and put to good use as either new raw material or energy.

To make it easier for all companies affected by this law, Sweden’s business and industrial sector has joined forces to create a common system for the collection and recycling of packaging. A service organization, FTI, has also been established.


Swedish EPA

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is a central environmental authority under the Swedish Government. According to our instructions, laid down by the Government, our main tasks are to co-ordinate and promote environmental work on both a national and international level.