Already from the Company start in 1964 Micatrone began to develop and manufacture measuring and control equipment for boiler automation in warm water plants in Sweden.

In the beginning of 1980 we started to develop measuring, control and monitoring equipment for low pressure and flow used in air handling applications. The measuring system was inherited from the pressure sensors used in our boiler automation products that measured the pressure inside the furnace.

From 1999 we developed measuring, control and monitoring equipment for moisture content air handling applications.

Draught control

Our first marketed product was a draught controller that was used on oil-burning boilers of negative pressure type which were the most frequently used type of Boilers in Sweden at that time. The controller was developed to minimize the leakage of air into the furnace during fire which was caused by untightness in the construction that occurred after a few years of operation. Furthermore the controller “sealed-off” the boiler during stand stills to eliminate the throughout of air inside the boiler that caused the water temperature to cool down more rapidly. A majority of boilers within the range of 100 kW up to 10 MW has a Micatrone Control System installed.

Sequence Boiler Controller and powered butter fly valves

In warm water production plants that uses several boilers for the production it is of great importance, both for technical as well as economical purpose, to have only the most effective boiler or boilers in operation needed for the current warm water demand. All boilers connected in the loop that is not used should be disconnected from the loop to avoid unwanted cooling effects on the warm water in the pipe. The Micatrone Sequence Boiler Controller, series MV, takes care of this using valves to connect and disconnects multiple boilers installed in sequence.

O2-control (Oxygen controller)

By measuring and controlling the oxygen content in the flue gases the oxygen excess in the flue gas must be minimized. This is necessary to achieve an optimized performance of the combustion. Micatrone has been selling Oxygen sensors and controllers for the past 15 years.

Low differential pressure measurement

The sensor used in the draught controller was developed to measure very low pressure inside the furnace during operation to maintain a steady draught of a few Pascal below the atmospheric pressure.

The sensor consists of a balanced membrane that was mounted between two pressure springs. Measuring taps connected to both sides of the pressure chamber allows measuring a differential pressure. The movement of the membrane during pressure variation was detected with a IR measurement system. This sensor technique was then refined in the late 80’s. to achieve long-term stability and even better accuracy.

This measuring sensor is still used today along with other modern third-party sensors techniques like Pietzo resistive and mass flow sensors, depending on what kind of application the final product is intended for.

Air-Flow measurement

To measure the air flow inside ventilation ducts is an other interesting field that Micatrone has been developing products for during the past 15 to 20 years. The measuring system consist today of a measuring sensor (probe), series MFS, which is mounted in the duct. The Micatrone flow sensor is designed to create a much higher measurable differential pressure around the sensor than other equivalent flow sensors on the market today. The measured differential pressure is then connected to a Flow transmitter which transforms it to an output signal proportional to the air flow or velocity in the duct.

Moisture measurement in air

Moisture in the air can cause corrosion, condensation, mold and slower manufacturing processes. In 1999, we started to develop measuring, control and monitoring equipment for moisture content air handling applications.

Family owned Company

Micatrone has been owned by the same family since the company was established in 1964, The family, Endre´s, came originally from Gotland, an Island in the Baltic sea.

Micatrone is today a solid company with the highest rating (AAA) by D&B and 100 of 100 rating points possible by The solid financial background and long-term business partnership with both our customers as well as our suppliers is the key to successful development of the Company.

Micatrone is certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015.