Micatrone works with two fields of interest within the technical areas of Heat Production and Ventilation, the following is our business ideas :

Boiler Automation & Warm Water Production

Warm water production = Energy transformation = Transformation of energy from one kind to an other kind


  1. Added energy in form of:
    • oil
    • gas
    • bio mass fuel
    • electricity
    • coal
  2. Energy loss
    • flue gas losses
    • radiation losses
    • convection losses
  3. Used energy
    • warm water
    • hot water
    • steam

In all warm water production (energy transformation), energy losses occur.

Micatrone´s business idea is to minimize the losses by measuring, controlling and monitoring the warm water production.

Air Handling & Ventilation

There are today demands and regulations for the air quality used in all kinds of buildings and processes that must be fulfilled.

Micatrone´s business idea is to develop and market products that can measure, control and monitor these low air pressures, air flow and moisture with the highest of precision.